“We help security product distributors increase their turns.”

Are we effectively turning security inventory?

Having a turn ratio of 4-6 times a year is healthy and challenging. Having surveyed security equipment distributors at industry events, a recurring theme emerged: a need to improve profitability; turn ratios on network centric security systems; and better educated customers. Their customers (System Integrators) needed help with more granular convergence selling training to position and sell convergence solutions, which drives their sales and your inventory turns. We know your customers!

Can we create more discernible value?

Price will always rule unless you change the rules! The first rule is to better understand the new purchasing influencer in security, the IT department. You probably sell to IT buyers, but have you sold them security solutions? Adding more value to your distribution channels and gaining market share will result in improved inventory turns with higher profitability. You can teach your channel partners and their customers how your approach to a competitive advantage will help their business.

Is it time to relook at our game plan?

Your marketing process has worked pretty well up until now; why isn’t it as effective in this convergence market? In the convergence world, the rules have changed and you may not have updated your playbook. There are new products, new competitors, new pricing strategies, new buying behaviors and informed IT customers.

Matterhorn can help you navigate the turns.

The best investment you can make today is in a good MAPP (Matterhorn Action Process Plan). This is a customized analysis and prioritized action plan that can typically be implemented in less than 30 days. Matterhorn brings 35 years of industry experience to your door step in an immersive, hands-on evaluation process that engages your team to gain perspective. We deliver a prioritized MAPP that is practical, affordable and most importantly sustainable.

Matterhorn Consulting has the expertise and tools.

Since 1997, Matterhorn Consulting has helped a diverse number of distributors in the security industry focus on selling business value to their customers, as well as advising on technology and marketing strategies.

The Bottom Line:

We know the security industry and your target dealers’ customer base better than anyone in the industry. We have worked with and trained sales teams for security and HVAC integrators.

Please give us a call today to discuss your specific needs and find out how we can help you gain your fair share of the convergence market. It will be time well spent!

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