End Users

“We help end users implement convergence.”

Do we have the right experience to migrate toward a network centric solution?

A migration path that is well planned and guided by an experienced consultant has a greater chance for a successful outcome the first time around. The key is asking the right questions, objectively evaluating internal and external resources, developing a practical Return on Security Investment (ROSI) set of metrics, and proper vetting of the business case to support a migration strategy. In our experience, migration strategies that follow these guidelines have a much stronger chance of gaining senior management support and the funding to execute your security projects.

What should we expect when hiring an experienced consultant?

You should expect to get more done faster and without adding unnecessary long-term overhead expenses. You should also expect to hire a true “bridge builder” who can help build communication and understanding bridges between inter-dependent departments. Expect the consultant to have experience with technology, strategic security planning, building strong business cases and effectively transferring knowledge. Expect your consultant to have experience and working relationships with manufacturers, distributors, system integrators and end users like yourself. Expect them to have the right industry and business credentials.

What is the best way to start climbing Mt. Convergence?

We recommend an experienced Sherpa to guide your ascent and plan the right path. A phased and structured MAPP can guide your climb to the summit. The Matterhorn Action Process Plan (MAPP) provides 4 phases that minimize your risk and maximize your returns. Phase 1 is the assessment phase where we evaluate the critical factors for success, the technology and business cases. A prioritized recommendation is provided and depending on the scope of the project, this phase takes 7-14 days .

Matterhorn Consulting has the expertise, reputation and tools.

A 21 year career at a fortune 100 company provided the foundation in business and security industry experience. In 1997 I founded Matterhorn Consulting in memory of my grandfather, who was born in Switzerland. We provide traditional business and security consulting services to the industry. In 1999 I co-founded Digital By Design to focus on the emerging IP video technology market, and pioneered a number of industry technology, application, design and installation innovations. We have worked with major universities, transportation, healthcare, manufacturing, petrochemical and government clients designing and implementing IP Megapixel process and security surveillance projects.

The bottom line:

We deliver sustainable results.

Please give us a call today to discuss your specific needs and find out how we can help you gain your fair share of the convergence market. It will be time well spent!

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