“We help security product manufacturers sell more product.”

Have we lost some channel loyalty?

According to 8 leading security equipment manufacturers surveyed at industry events, convergence has disrupted their channels of distribution. The results varied and included dealer and distributor loyalty, changes in their marketing strategies, challenges to educate the channel on their unique competitive advantage, and the right sales training programs.

Can we add more channel value without breaking the bank?

Price will always rule unless you effectively communicate your business value in terms your customers can “hear.” The good news is, you can add more value to your distribution channels and regain more market share if you teach your channel partners how to sell your competitive advantage with a more effective process.

Is it time to relook at our game plan?

Your marketing process has worked pretty well up until now; why isn’t it as effective in this convergence market? In the convergence world, the rules have changed and you may not have updated your playbook. There are new products, new competitors, new pricing strategies and informed IT customers. If you want to win, this calls for some new selling strategies. We can help you retool your playbook to win more often.

Matterhorn can help you map the right route.

The best investment you can make today is a MAPP (Matterhorn Action Process Plan). This is a customized analysis and prioritized action plan that can typically be implemented in less than 30 days. Matterhorn brings 35 years of industry experience to your door step in an immersive, hands-on evaluation process that engages your team to gain perspective. We deliver a prioritized MAPP that is practical, affordable and most importantly sustain- able.

Matterhorn Consulting has the expertise and tools.

Since 1997, Matterhorn Consulting has helped a diverse number of companies in the security industry focus on selling business value to their customers, as well as advising on technology and marketing strategies. Our reputation speaks for itself. With over 35 years in the security industry you can trust in our expertise.

We helped an industry leader build its brand and channel reputation from 2001-2009 as the only outside consultant trusted to teach their channel partners how to sell business value, market their companies more effectively, train their national account teams, work with their manufacturer rep firms in the field, and most importantly work with their dealers’ strategic end users.

Please give us a call today to discuss your specific needs and find out how we can help you gain your fair share of the convergence market. It will be time well spent!

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