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“We help security dealers and integrators get more network centric sales.”

Are you getting your fair share in your security market?

According to the 10 leading national and regional security system integrators I have interviewed, getting your share of IP-IT system sales is a challenge. The closing ratio on network centric security solutions proposals is on average only 10-15%. That means an 85-90% inefficiency of sales time with convergence sales efforts!

Are your sales teams qualifying real opportunities?

Results have shown you can improve closing ratios to 35-40% when you know how to effectively work with IT personnel, effectively communicate your competitive advantage in terms that customers understand, and really understand your customer’s business. You have a secret weapon and we’ll show you how to effectively use it.

Is it time to revisit your game plan?

Your sales process has worked pretty well up until now; why isn’t it as effective in this convergence market? In the convergence world, the rules have changed and maybe you haven’t updated your playbook. There are new products, new competitors, new pric ing strategies and informed IT customers. Learn how we can help your team and playbook!

Use our 6 step process to close more converged sales.

Our Value Based Selling Process is based on over 35 years of security industry experience and 17 years of IP video selling experience. This skill building process augments your existing selling process. We provide your team with the competitive advantage they will need to win. Not theory; street smarts. Building a competitive advantage needs to be coached; we’ll show you how.

Matterhorn Consulting has the expertise and tools.

Since 1997, Matterhorn Consulting has helped our Clients sell business value by improving their ability to expand their client influence for greater sales results. Our reputation speaks for itself, but our customers say it better:

“I would highly recommend this sales process. The best one I have experienced in 35 years of sales–outstanding!’ “It will broaden your sales style and give you new ideas on how to sell value, not price or products.”

If you want to improve your competitive advantage and elevate your sales game to the next level, the time to act is now; your competitors aren’t waiting… why should you?

Please give us a call today to discuss your specific needs and find out how we can help you gain your fair share of the convergence market. It will be time well spent!

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