Take Time to Think

As business owners, it seems like the velocity of change and business commitments overwhelm our calendars.  Next, mix in the time it takes to put on the zebra shirt and referee drama disputes between managers and associates. When do you have time to actually think about the future of your business?

Too often the answer is no time at all. That is a mistake. It will rob you of strategic vision, leadership and making good decisions. When crises arrive, you may often feel that a quick decision is needed. You know how to do that because you built the business to what it is today. But will what got you here get you where you want to go in 5 years? A much tougher process indeed.  What can you do to slow down the carousel of your business life?

Just slow down. Easier said than done I know. Still good business advice regardless.

When you focus on slowing down, you have time to think…about your business…about your time…about your future. I recommend you start by looking at your calendar and carve out a recurring 1 hour event the same time every week. That time is reserved for thinking about the future… your future… your company’s future… and your associates’ futures.

No one can do this for you. Start today; carve out the time or you will be on the treadmill that has handcuffs!

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