We ask tough questions. We work with all the stakeholders. We take an "immersive" approach. We analyze, summarize, recommend and help implement our field proven solutions. We are accountable to our clients for results.

“It used to be that I would attempt to fit a solution into a prospective company by starting out with explaining the features and benefits of our product, of our services and of doing business with our company… the Matterhorn approach is to see the sales process upfront, through the prospective client’s eyes. My experience with Matterhorn Consulting has given me a fresh perspective on the sales process.”

Chris Brown

Vice President Sales & Marketing
Aldebaron Software

Profitability is not Optional.

We work very closely with our Clients to ensure they maximize their profit potential. Profitability is not optional. It is mandatory if you are going to continue to grow and service your customers.

When you work with us, your sales team will be able to communicate the true value of your company more effectively to prospective decision makers. The result is higher margins, longer relationships and improved sales revenues.

You can expect to confidently use your sales funnel as a strategic business tool for improved resource planning and allocation, cash flow management and earnings projections. Our approach integrates field proven sales methodology, real time situation analysis and actionable management processes that deliver results.

Do you remember when customer relationships were built on trust and mutual benefit to build your business?

We will help your team to rediscover how to build strong relationships based on their knowledge of your customer’s business. This is the true differentiator in selling value.

Your team will be prepared to communicate value, differentiate your company and work effectively with IT Departments and Security Departments.

IT Departments can be intimidating to work with unless you understand their language, challenges and goals. We will show you how to build bridges between IT and Security Departments that implement technology more effectively in a consultative sales approach.
Once you do, you will gain their support and become a real strategic partner.

Your teams will work together effectively and be accountable for their actions.

Accurately measuring sales activity and effectiveness in real time is no small feat; but once accomplished, your sales team, sales management and senior management will be able to grow top line revenues (sales) while optimizing bottom line costs (cost of sales). We will help you pull off the “rose colored glasses” and see the real picture!


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