We work with leaders with vision seeking practical processes and a sustainable competitive advantage in their business. We carefully choose our clients based on our mutual business fit and ability to deliver measurable results.

“The {Matterhorn} course gave me great ideas about expanding proposals to fit my customer’s needs. Attaching ROI & ROSI information to customer proposals is a unique approach and one I will use. Excellent!”

Paul Eichelberger

Matterhorn works with a wide variety of clients and provides a holistic perspective on convergence. Our clients include Physical Security, IT, HVAC/BAS Systems Integrators; manufacturers; infrastructure cabling companies; and Fortune 1000-500-100 end users.

These companies provide technologically advanced system integration solutions that typically include the following:

  • Access Control

  • CCTV & IP Video

  • RFID Systems

  • Fire Alarm & Life Safety Systems

  • Intrusion Detection

  • Critical Condition Monitoring

  • UL Central Stations Services

  • Design/Installation/Project Management

  • Maintenance Services

Markets served generally fall into these categories:

  • Retail

  • Government

  • Utilities

  • Transportation

  • Financial Services

  • Education

  • Manufacturing

  • Healthcare

Whatever market is being served, they all grapple with strategies for growing top line revenues in a rapidly changing business and technology environment.

They all wrestle with similar questions and dilemmas like these:

“Do we have the right sales team; do they have the right skills and tools; and can they accomplish the mission of growing our business?”

“Our sales revenues are below our expectations.” We’ve had acceptable results in the past, but we may be slipping and losing market share.

“We can’t always depend on our sales forecasts.” This causes problems in cash flow, financial stability, resource planning, investor relations and earnings forecasts.

“Our customers are more demanding and are commoditizing our services.” Profit margins aren’t what they use to be. It seems harder to communicate the value we deliver and differentiate ourselves from our competition.

Clients are likely to be successful working with us if...

They are truly ready to commit to changes that will improve business results. Be ready to implement a new vision of the future with practical and field proven techniques!

They are realistic about what is possible to achieve in a practical time frame. Senior management support and involvement is the single biggest success factor in accomplishing meaningful changes and sustainable business results…period!

They are willing to invest in associates, tools and processes that are necessary in today’s new industry. Strategies and tactics are great but they mean little if you can’t execute a plan of action.


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